At GKF, we are flexible and work with you to structure a transaction and relationship that works for both parties. Our innovative financing solutions include:

  • No minimal capital requirements
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • Technological obsolescence protection with yearly advanced service agreements
  • Fee-for-use (per patient treatment)
  • Revenue sharing on percentage of revenue collected
  • Joint venture models and structure available with equity interests
  • Turn key service solutions

In addition to our flexible financing options, we provide our expertise from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way from feasibility studies, to installation, to marketing and educational support, to your next upgrade.

Why Upgrade your current Gamma Knife to Elekta ESPRIT

  • If your Perfexion or ICON is within the Elekta system that can be field upgraded
  • Latest Gamma Knife technology as recently introduced
  • Frameless treatment – Great for referring radiation oncologists. Neurosurgeons DO NOT have to show up to every case which opens the ability and times that ESPRIT can be used
  • Includes Leksell VANTAGE Stereotactic Headframe system that is robust, allowing even greater accuracy
  • Multiple workflows that allow for an expansion of clinical indications that can be treated
  • Can deliver multiple fractions which is helpful for large tumors or tumors near sensitive organs.
  • Includes new Lightning Planning system with Remote Planning, generating expert quality plans in less than a minute.
  • Best in class <.15mm of accuracy, even framelessly & the steepest dose fall off which protects the mind
  • The only same-day radiosurgery option, that can get a patient on table within an hour from imaging using the Esprit on board imaging system
  • We provide a selection of service/maintenance support levels for the new GK Esprit or for GK Perfexion upgraded to GK Esprit

ESPRIT field Upgrade – Highlights

  • Have the latest Elekta Gamma Knife product
  • Leader in Gamma Knife SRS and increase patient volumes significantly
  • Provides frameless treatment (using a mask for immobilization) and clinical training
  • New Lighting Planning system with Remote Planning
  • Enables multiple workflows – expansion of clinical indications including multiple fractions
  • Includes Leksell VANTAGE Headframe system
  • We provide a selection of service/maintenance support levels for the new GK Esprit or for GK Perfexion upgraded to GK Esprit
  • GKF to sponsor one in-person symposium for RadOnc and Neuro teams in area using an highly regarded KOL in Neurosurgery.
  • Revitalize your Gamma Knife program!

 Large screen showing financial analysis to indicate Elekta Esprit is a leader in Gamma Knife SRS and increases patient volumes.

Upgrade Impact on Volumes

  • Patient Volume Growth
    • Typical growth in overall patient volumes is over 25% in the 1st year.
    • Elekta Esprit offers both frame and mask-based treatment options

Upward growing graph indicating patient volume growth.

Back of a laptop and the hands of a man pointing towards the growth of some numbers on a graph.

Examples of sites who have upgraded to Frameless, Lightening Planning with remote & Leksell Vantage Headframe

  • OU
    • 75 treatments with Perfexion in 2021
    • to 300 in 2022
  • MCI
    • Went from 77 to 208 treatments in a year
  • UTSW
    • Went from 280 treatments to 700 in 3 years
  • Penn Neurosurgery
    • Went from < 100/yr. to 200 year 1 after upgrade and then 400 yr. 200